Watch Nintendo introduce the Switch’s Features and Gimmicks and 1-2-Switch

Watch Nintendo introduce the Switch’s Features and Gimmicks and 1-2-Switch

Nintendo shows off what the Switch is capable off at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, also giving an extensive look at 1-2-Switch.

During an event at the Tokyo Big Sight venue, Nintendo Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Planning & Development Division Yoshiaki Koizumi introduced the features and gimmicks of the Switch on stage, and today the house of Mario and Zelda released a video with the recording.

First of all, we see a demonstration using The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, showing the passage from TV mode to portable mode, then we also catch a glimpse of the suspend-resume feature in portable mode, toggled by a small button at the top of the console.

We also see the colored Joy-Con controllers and the console used in table mode, with its kickstand extended, as the hosts play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in two-player multiplayer.

Following, Koizumi-san and his guests moved to introduce 1-2-Switch, and several of its minigames it includes, that basically are designed to introduce and showcase the features and gimmicks of the  new console.

One of the minigames prompts the players to catch each other’s sword attack with his bare hands (mimicking the ancient art named Shinken Shirahadori in Japan) introducing the ability to detect hand movements, the second promps players to count imaginary balls rolling within the Joy-Con. It’s designed to showcase the HD rumble, which appears to be really as advanced as Nintendo boasts.

Another minigame named Eating Contest showcases the motion IR camera (funnily, it didn’t work the first two times, for some reason probably bound to stage conditions, but it did the third), which was also the star of a fourth minigame, Quick Draw, which stages a High Noon-style revolver duel.

The minigames are actually quite hilarious, and they’re probably going to be quite fun at parties, especially the sword fighting one and Quick Draw.

If you want to see more about 1-2-Switch, you can also check out the announcement trailer, and another gameplay demonstration.

You can check the full video below.