Watch Quan Chi and Scorpion’s Extremely Brutal Fatalities from Mortal Kombat X

Watch Quan Chi and Scorpion’s Extremely Brutal Fatalities from Mortal Kombat X

Netherrealm Studios had previously promised to deliver some new footage of Mortal Kombat X this month and delivered today in a 35 minute livestream. The result was bloody, gut filled goodness that is making me incredibly excited to get my hands on the latest installment.

Thanks to GamesHQMedia, we have footage from the stream of two fatalities performed by Quan Chi and Scorpion, the former of which was teased in an official video at the beginning of October. Both fatalities do not disappoint, and are probably the most graphic depictions I have ever seen in the series. Scorpion starts out the fun by throwing a fireball through Sub-Zero’s chest, exposing his dangling heart before casually walking up and slicing the front of his face clean off. Poor Subby-Wubby’s face slides off, letting his brain lurch out as his corpse hits the ground and his severed tongue gurgles and twitches around in a grotesque display.


On the other hand, Quan Chi uses some telepathy to pull Kortal Kahn toward a levitating sword, hopelessly lumbering towards the weapon. It pierces through his mouth, walking it all the way down the blade to the handle before being lifted straight up by Quan Chi’s telepathy, disembowling him before being forced downward and fully severed into two pieces.

You can checkout both videos below for all the gruesome action. Warning, it is video game violence, but it is still pretty graphic and therefore I think it leans a little more on the NSFW side if you are still in the office somewhere. Let me know what you think of the two fatalities in the comments below. Mortal Kombat X comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on April 14th, 2015.