Watch The Intro to The Simpsons Recreated Within Minecraft, It’s Pretty Impressive

on March 15, 2015 11:12 AM

It’s Sunday afternoon (at the time of writing, hello future folks!) and chances are you’ve got no work or school so you’re mooching about the internet looking for something to watch or read. If so: Splendid!

Youtube user Bearly Regal has managed to build and film the introduction scene from the popular TV show The Simpsons, all done within Minecraft. It’s not perfect, and it’s far from spectacular, but it’s still pretty impressive and it certainly puts my poor attempt at a cabin to shame.

Minecraft has become the home to many a creative talent over the past few years. We’ve seen some intricate worlds built by some dedicated crafters, including the world of Game of Thrones and there’s even a project underway to recreate Denmark within Minecraft. Bonkers!

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