Watch The Space Engineers Tutorial If You Want To Survive Survival Mode

Watch The Space Engineers Tutorial If You Want To Survive Survival Mode

The much-requested Survival Mode feature has finally graced Space Engineers, along with a slew of modes for players to jump into and enjoy. But instead of throwing players out into the cold with nothing to go on, the developers at Keen Software House have released a tutorial video to guide players through the game’s various modes.

Easy Start 1, for example, will help players understand the game’s mechanics and systems, while Easy Start 2 will be more for sightseeing asteroids and spaceships. Lone Survivor places the character in a very basic station, where players have to build spaceships from scratch, and Asteroids places the player on a trip to a new asteroid cluster. Crash Red Ship has the player investigating a crashed ship with a lone survivor, and finally Empty World places the player in a world where it’s just them and the sun, drifting. Check out the video below for more details on the various modes.


Besides the interesting scenarios above, the developers also suggest checking out the Alpha Tutorial video first to ensure players get the most of the game’s features before jumping into the Survival Mode. Personally, seems like a cool variety of scenarios to try out in a sandbox game like Space Engineers, helping players craft their own narrative experience.

For newcomers to the game, Space Engineers offers players freedom in designing space stations and spaceships as they wish, with both a range of development tools and a robust physics engine to experiment with, and encouragement to test, fly and crash everything they build.

Space Engineers is available on Steam Early Access for $14.99, which comes with some good perks for early adopters. For more trailers and update details, check out all of our Space Engineers news.