Watch the Super-Tough 24 Hours Nürburgring Simulated in iRacing, for Actual 24 Hours

Watch the Super-Tough 24 Hours Nürburgring Simulated in iRacing, for Actual 24 Hours

Last week we saw Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi drive in the grueling 24 Hours Nürburgring race — the real one —  but there is one racing simulator in which a competitive 24 Hours Nürburgring is actually tackled by teams of brave gamers, and that’s iRacing on PC.

The super-tough competition was held online between yesterday today, and just concluded with the Core Motorsports team winning both the overall race and the Audi R9 LMS GT3 class, the Pure Racing team winning the Ruf C-Spec class, the AlpineEagleRacing team winning the Kia Optima class and Team RSO winning the Mazda MX-5 class.

You probably noticed that I mentioned teams, and that’s why iRacing comes with a feature (one of the many) that most racing games and simulators lack, online team racing. It allows different drivers to alternate on the same car in “stints,” which is pretty much indispensable to properly simulate endurance racing.

Of course there are a few differences with the real 24 hours race. iRacing doesn’t include day to night transition, so the whole race is done in the sunlight. There are also less cars on track (54 against 159) and less diverse models.

That said, the challenging 24 hour team-driven racing is all there, and we have to tip our hat to all the teams that participated, and especially to those that managed to cross the finish line. It’s also worth mentioning that iRacing is one of the most accurate simulators on the market in terms of physics, making this kind of competition even tougher.

Below you can see the full recording and the results for all four classes, courtesy of v8sonlineGlobal SimRacing Channel, and RaceSpot. The race is so tough that even the casters had to alternate at the mic.

If you’re not familiar with iRacing, this is a good look at what can be accomplished with it. Incidentally, you may want to look into it even if you’re interested in the upcoming GT Sport, because iRacing represents a lot of what Polyphony Digital’s upcoming game aspires to be, at least in terms of competition, racing etiquette and regulations.