Watch the World Burn with Pyro! for iOS

Watch the World Burn with Pyro! for iOS

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Now people can with Pyro!, a new augmented reality developed by DynamicDust.

All a person has to do is point their device camera at someone or something that would look good in flames. The app adds fire effects to the device camera in real time. Just draw the fire with finger on the screen and burn everything.

Players can even make things explode. Due to the unique algorithm, the fire articles remains at its place even if a person moves with your phone.

The fire even follows edges of objects around to create more realistic feeling. For better results just change the size of fire and explosion or add a cool sound effect. Then share the videos with friends on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter or via e-mail

The main features are:

  • Add fire to the image from your camera.
  • Draw the fire with your finger in real time.
  • Make realistic and smart explosions.
  • The fire remains at its place and even follows edges of objects.
  • Changeable size of fire and explosion particles.
  • Fun and credible sounds effects combined with camera sounds.
  • Share your hot videos immediately on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.

Pyro! is available for iPhone and iPad. At this time there is only iOS version available, but version for other platforms are in development.

Check out the trailer and screenshots in the gallery below.