Watch_Dogs 2 T-Bone Chaos Event Featured in New Video

Watch_Dogs 2 T-Bone Chaos Event Featured in New Video

Ubisoft released a new video today explaining the T-Bone Chaos Event in Watch_Dogs 2, which began today.

The T-Bone Chaos Event is a free in-game event for Ubisoft Club members that runs for four weeks with a new challenge being introduced every week. Players do not need to own the T-Bone Content Bundle in order to participate in this event.

The video also introduced that first challenge in the event. Called Quite the Warm Up, this challenge runs from December 19 until December 25. In it, players must become a bounty target and successfully escape it five times in order to complete the challenge and receive a T-Bone Chaos Event Bag.

The T-Bone Content Bundle was recently delayed on PS4 from December 13 to December 22. The next challenge will be available on December 26. DualShockers gave Watch_Dogs 2 an 8.0 in our review saying “It’s certainly not a perfect picture, but despite the wacky balance and the flaws, Watch_Dogs 2 manages to be a very enjoyable experience, and a game definitely worth its price tag with its rich content and carefully crafted world at your physical and virtual fingertips.”

Watch_Dogs 2 also recently received a new patch that introduced new free content, balanced the multiplayer, and fixed some of the game’s bugs. You can watch the video below. Watch_Dogs 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.