Watch_Dogs’ Controls Clarified; PAX Demo Confirmed to Be PS4; More info Shared (UPDATED)

on April 13, 2014 1:41 AM

Update: as promised, our Tony managed to track down a Ubisoft representative at PAX East and finally got a straight answer on what version is being showcased on the show floor. The footage is indeed the PS4 version rendered on a PS4, but it’s just a hands-off video, and a PC is being used to display it. The representative added that she personally brought the footage herself to the show.

Update 2: Jonathan Morin also confirmed on Twitter.

As you can see on the picture there: nobody is playing. The reason I know it’s PS4 is because I was there when we recorded it.

PAX Footage is “footage”. A video capture on PS4. Nobody is playing at PAX & the PC is to play the video.

You can read the original article below:

Watch_Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin is only human and apparently a very tired human, which means that he can make mistakes, and apparently he’s very willing to admit it when that happens.

Yesterday he mentioned that the shooting controls were right trigger for aiming and left trigger for shooting, but apparently the truth is the opposite. To make it up today he gave some very detailed information about the control scheme:

  • RT = shoot & LT = Aim.
  • RT is also used for running.
  • O or B (depending on the console) trigger contextual climbing.

Morin also explained that if you want you can just pull out a gun and shoot civilians, but there will be consequences, but he also created a bit of a mystery. Yesterday he mentioned that the version of the game showcased at PAX was the PS4 version, but there was a PC shown near the demo station. Users also reported that it used a PC controller and the booth personnel told them it was on PC. Morin seemed very surprised and promised to check.

Hein! What!? I will check. This is weird.

Of course we’ll keep you updated on whatever he’ll share after said checking. We also unleashed our watch dogs on the show floor at PAX to check as well.

Finally, Morin shared his thought on the difference between a scripted game and a systemic game like Watch_Dogs:

I come from the systemic design school so not a lot of scripting here. Scripted = Every plays plays a ride planned by level designers. Ex: God of War, Uncharted, GTA. There are many great scripted games so nothing negative there, but there’s also more systemic games which let players approach things the way they want.

Its a series of small systems that tied togheter can support lots of players input in the game. Example of such games: Deus Ex, Bioshock 1, Far Cry (series), Dishonored & Watch Dogs. Both approaches can make great games, but I tend to always push for freedom. That’s what I’m all about…

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