Watch_Dogs Dev Shares Info on Stealth, Vehicles and Hideouts; Jokes on Xbox One “Exclusive” Feature

Watch_Dogs Dev Shares Info on Stealth, Vehicles and Hideouts; Jokes on Xbox One “Exclusive” Feature

The development team behind Watch_Dogs is being very generous with information on the game lately, and Animation Director Colin Graham added more pieces to the puzzle today on Twitter:

First of all, he talked about the stealth system that will be a pretty relevant part of the game:

Stealth is a player choice, you combine stealth movement and cover with hacking to make distractions and take out enemies.

There is a contextual stealth (Aiden will lower his profile) and a cover button with sticky cover. Check the 14 minute demo.

It works extremely well, we have had some experience with this at Ubisoft before. It’s a very advanced system.

Graham also mentioned that there will be a “variety” of different hideouts in the game, and that Aiden will be able to swim or to take a boat, and there will be a lot of boats to “borrow.”

He also explained that the “cars on demand” system that will allow Aiden to request a vehicle to be delivered to his location will work with cars and bikes only, while the team didn’t deem necessary to implement it with boats. As a funny aside, Graham joked on a quite unlikely “Xbox One exclusive” feature.

If you flap your arms in front of the Kinect the it will summon Seagulls. Try it when you get the game. ; )

Well that’s an Xbox one exclusive, seagulls on demand motion control app…

After all, the game is apparently going to have flaming head zombies and mecha dragons, so why would we be too surprised if it included seagull summoning?

Jokes aside, looks like Watch_Dogs will provide quite a lot of variety, and while some seem to be definitely unhappy about the lack of a dedicated jump button, we should probably hold judgement about that until we’ll have the game in our hands in less than two months.