Watch_Dogs’ Developers Say Players Will Find It “Hard To Resist” Getting “Distracted By Injustices” Within Their Game

Watch_Dogs’ Developers Say Players Will Find It “Hard To Resist” Getting “Distracted By Injustices” Within Their Game

Even with Watch_Dogs rapidly approaching, and to so many platforms, I’m sure some gamers are wondering if the game’s open world can compete against other recent sandbox games, especially Rockstar’s powerhouse, GTA V. But Ubisoft Montreal are completely sure players will love getting lost in the oppressive, crime-ridden, near-future world of Watch_Dogs‘ Chicago, and that players will naturally find it hard to resist becoming as obsessive about solving the injustices of the city as Aiden Pierce himself.

In a blog post by Communications Manager Gary Steinman, details on what developers found when testing the game were revealed. Senior Producer Dominic Guay said that test players following Aiden’s quest would start with a goal and start moving along with the story, only to get distracted by the “countless other activities” in the game. But this isn’t a bad thing, according to Guay, because it just means players will begin to mirror just how Aiden thinks about his world.

“[Aiden] has this mindset in the beginning and gradually becomes a vigilante because he sees all these things happening around him,” Guay explains. “It seemed natural to let the player become distracted by injustices within the world if Aiden is doing the same. They will be constantly finding other narrative threads within the world that they’ll want to dig into. We see players moving forward in the core narrative of the game and then they start looking around and getting involved in side missions. They start setting goals for themselves instead of just following breadcrumbs.”


Lead Story Designer Kevin Shortt says promises that the story will be just as engaging to follow as the rest of the game, but the ability to create your own narrative and to naturally and voluntarily evolve into a vigilante just becomes an addictive quality of the world they’ve created in Watch_Dogs.

“It’s just really cool to be able to listen in and then every once in a while one of those conversations is going to lead you on a new adventure to help somebody,” Shortt says. “When you’re playing the game and you see a moment where there’s a potential crime that could happen, you can’t help but want to be the vigilante and step in. It’s hard to resist in the game. You find yourself becoming as obsessive as Pearce.”

There’s no doubt that the best sandbox games get players really involved with the world itself, so getting players into the mindset of a hero, one obsessed with cleaning up a gritty Chicago can only be the next step in allowing gamers to create their own stories, right? But is this enough to compete with players who can create crime and pull off elaborate heists in Grand Theft Auto V? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch_Dogs is set to release later this year to the PS4 on November 15th, to the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC on November 19th, and to the Xbox One on November 22nd. For more details on the game, check out all of DualShockers’ Watch_Dogs coverage.

Source: Ubisoft Blog