Watch_Dogs’ Devs Talk Graphics, Immersion, Elegance and the Value of “Release when it’s Done”

Watch_Dogs’ Devs Talk Graphics, Immersion, Elegance and the Value of “Release when it’s Done”

The graphics of Watch_Dogs have been a relevant topic of discussion between fans, especially since every trailer seems to include some new elements that are inevitably placed under the spotlight. In order to explain the philosophy behind the visual fidelity of the game in relation to immersion and elegance, Creative Director Jonathan Morin posted a long series of comments on Twitter, that you can read below gathered in a bit more readable form:

Because I’m getting bombarded by questions : ). Explosions are occurring in many different contexts, so tweaks are made on each case. Its the same for time cycle and weather and AI. Watch Dogs is about dynamism. We could freeze every state of every system and use bling-bling tricks on them, but that’s NOT WD ; ) Just like reality, sometimes cars are less reflective, sometimes it is wet or it rains. Some other times there are no shadows like today in Montreal : ).

It’s making it harder on us (way more cases to be handled), but in my mind it’s more beautiful this way as you play. More immersive and elegant. All this matters greatly if you want players to care about the world they are in : )

Graphics Technical Director Sebastien Viard also gave his insight on the delay that shifted the release date from last November to May 27th:

“Release when it’s done” is indeed the way to go. It’s better for everybody, gamedevs and players.

And indeed it is. Personally I’ve always been quite skeptical when I see people getting all bent out of shape when a game is delayed. I understand being eager to play, but as Shigeru Miyamoto says, “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”