Watch_Dogs Director Talks Gameplay, Why PS4 Footage has Xbox Buttons and “Dumbed Down” Games

Watch_Dogs Director Talks Gameplay, Why PS4 Footage has Xbox Buttons and “Dumbed Down” Games

Watch_Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin has been quite vocal lately, both giving more information about the game and in general, and today he provided more hints on what we can expect from the upcoming title on Twitter.

We learn that a “shield timer” protects you from online invasions after one happens, balanced on your level of interaction with these modes. He also explained that an enemy hit on the leg will fall in pain.

Morin also explained why helicopters and aircrafts have been left out:

No, these generates extra space needs that goes against our density ideals.

WD is all about curiosity and this idea to get sucked into details. You can play 20 min without moving. I did not want to compromise that. For our experience it would have been a feature creep trap…

For those that are curious, he detailed his role as a Creative Director in quite some detail:

A CD is in charge of the vision, its execution and his quality. BUT its also all about listening. You must respect the expertise of each team member and help them see why we need a certain feature or change. This way you help them to help you make the right call. Working with so many smart people is the greatest job ever.

Your brain never stops with these guys ;). So in short a CD manages creativity within a vision spectrum.

Morin continued by clarifying a quote from an interview on Edge, since some were mistakenly interpreting it as being about graphics downgrades. The quote originally recited:

I feel like games are dumbed down because we want to make money, and sometimes we underestimate what players can do.

Morin’s explanation definitely makes sense:

In that interview I was saying that games sometimes where very simple for accessibility sake (safer for market success).

I think players can take more than what some people think. I simply think there’s a great place for sophistication in games.

Morin also finally explained the mystery of the Xbox-style buttons on gameplay sreenshots that he mentioned as coming from a PS4 dev kit.

And don’t be fooled by the buttons we can swap this with a switch ; )…

That definitely explains it. I have to admit that I was fooled myself for a moment. Well…more than a moment.