Watch_Dogs’ Latest Trailer Is PS4 Dev Kit Footage; More Information Shared on Gameplay and Physics

on March 29, 2014 2:05 PM

A couple days ago we saw a new trailer of Watch_Dogs titled “Welcome to Chicago,” and today Creative Director Jonathan Morin confirmed on Twitter that the video was made with footage coming from a PS4 Devkit.

Just to clarify: Our “Welcome to Chicago” trailer is indeed PS4 Devkit footage. I know this was a popular question so there you go : ).

Morin also shared further details about the title’s gameplay mechanics.

We also learn that when we board a train we can skip the ride or enjoy it, and we can also put our hacking skills to good use:

Both, you can enjoy the ride or skip it. And you can hack/control the start/stop of the train to outsmart cops…

Thankfully, there won’t be any “safety nets” saving us if we fall from high places:

Damage and from very high is death.

Talking about falls, the game will also come with rag-doll effects, but they won’t always be active (the user asked the question mentioned flying out of the windshield after a car crash, and that won’t happen):

Yes for rag-doll, fly in air for motorcycle but not in cars (makes mo sense). It was essential to keep things believable…

Finally Morin also mentioned that the game has a serious tone to it, which could downsize the relevance of a few off-key elements hidden in some frames of the trailer, like mechanical dragons and flaming skull zombies.

It has a serious tone to it. We do have lighter sides but it had to preserve the core tone. I’m happy with the result.

They could be hallucinations due to drugs, or similar plot devices, but of course that’s just my personal speculation. While we wait to hear more, you can check out the “Welcome to Chicago” trailer below to see how the PS4 version of the game will look like.

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