Watch_Dogs on Xbox One Will Have Superior AI than PS4, Says Watch_Dogs Producer Dominic Guay

Watch_Dogs on Xbox One Will Have Superior AI than PS4, Says Watch_Dogs Producer Dominic Guay

The console battle of the year will come down to two devices: the PS4 and the Xbox One. While you’re busy figuring out all the pros and cons about these devices, Watch_Dogs producer Dominic Guay just dropped a bombshell during a recent interview that may have you throwing your support behind the Xbox One.

Watch_Dogs on the Xbox One will have a more dynamic city of Chicago than the PS4,

We’re still very much in the R&D period, that’s what I call it, because the hardware is still new. It’s obvious to us that it’s going to take a little while before we can get to the full power of those machines and harness everything. But, even now we realize that both of them have comparable power, and for us that’s good, but every day it changes almost. We’re pushing it and we’re going to continue doing that until [the] ship date.

Guay continues,

So suppose you were an AI, and the decision to make you move was run elsewhere. There would be the same latency. If you think about it, it’s not different than you holding the controller when you’re playing multiplayer. It might allow someone to use one dedicated machine just for on AI. What kind of AI could I do with that? That’s interesting.

Microsoft’s cloud service seems to be a quintessential aspect to the Xbox One,

Physics calculations, similarly, aren’t dependent on strict timing. The way a tree reacts to weather, it’s physics, right? It’s bending materials. Well, what if I could run that on the cloud? It doesn’t need to be fully synced. There are occasions where there will be an advantage, but it’s clear in the short term there’s plenty of power within the machines. That’s where our engineers are working.

In addition to these statements, Guay reflected upon the graphics and the “dynamism” of the city of Chicago and why makes Xbox One’s visual depiction so different,

For example, we’re able to simulate the water in full 3D, if you go on a boat the waves that form will affect other boats. We’re also able to spend more time giving brains to the other people on the streets so that they can basically be smarter, and there can be more of them. It’s what I call dynamism; basically, the way the city reacts to you, we are able to push further on the Xbox One.

Ultimately the choice is  yours.  With that said, if the AI is as improved in Xbox One as Guay states, you may have to watch your step a lot more closely as well, making Xbox One gameplay far tenser.

Watch_Dogs will be available November 19th for PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.