New Watch_Dogs Q&A: PS4 Framerate “Pretty Steady;” Resolution Not Final but “Looks Great” and More

New Watch_Dogs Q&A: PS4 Framerate “Pretty Steady;” Resolution Not Final but “Looks Great” and More

Many are still wondering about the resolution and frame rate of the various platforms of Watch_Dogs, and Creative Director Jonathan Morin responded that question first and foremost in a new Q&A Video by the good folks at PlayStation Access.

Frame rate is “pretty steady and excellent” (at least “excellent” is what I think the second word is, as Morin’s accent makes it hard to understand) while the development team is still working on “fine tuning those things up to the very last second”. That said, according to Morin the game “looks great” and we’ll notice when we’ll get our hands on it.

Morin also mentions that typical players will be able to get 35 to 40 hours of gameplay, but if you want to do everything it’ll last you over a hundred.

Further information shared during the interview includes:

  • The team isn’t trying to do anything spectacular with the DualShock 4. There’s just the ability to use the touchpad for the map.
  • The team took some liberties to make Chicago smaller and more dense than the real one.
  • You can “of course” kill NPCs.
  • The way NPCs react to Aiden depends on how you behave and on your reputation.
  • There’s a “heat” system, and it’s kind of similar to GTA’s star system, but it has a memory to it, as people talk to each other with a sort of ripple effect.
  • The game will play different if you play “good” or “evil,” but there won’t be any difference in the story itself.
  • There’s quite a bit of customization for Aiden’s clothes, but there’s no tuning for cars or guns.
  • There are around 70 different vehicles.
  • Different kinds of cars will feel very different when driving them.
  • The city is very big, but not the biggest that has ever done. Yet it’s “the deepest and the richest you’ve ever seen before.”
  • You can unlock several hideouts and use them to sleep (which sort of resets the heat system and lets you change the time of day to your liking) and teleport around.
  • Some of the hacking tools are more efficient in certain times of the day.
  • There are quite a few multiplayer modes. There’s the hacking mode we already, but there’s also “tailing,” that doesn’t necessarily trigger a confrontation. There’s a seamless team vs team mode only on next gen consoles and PC.
  • There’s also free roam multiplayer. There are no missions and activities, and you can just do whatever you want.
  • You can turn off multiplayer intrusions but Morin encourages players to try it at least before deactivating it.
  • You can customize the appearance you’re going to have to other players.
  • There are no lobbies at all. You can request to join multiplayer on the spot, but no actual lobbies.
  • Multiplayer and single player have the same progression system, but multiplayer has notoriety on top of it, and it allows to unlock further skills. If your notoriety drops you can also lose those skills.
  • There’s no online interaction between PS3 and PS4 for “technical reasons.”

You can enjoy the whole interview in the video below.