Watch_Dogs Senior Producer Dominic Guay Breaks Down How the Hacking Will Work

Watch_Dogs Senior Producer Dominic Guay Breaks Down How the Hacking Will Work

Hollie Bennett is on a roll today, as she sits down for a chat with Watch_Dogs‘s Senior Producer Dominic Guay about how the hacking will work.

Guay discusses the open world in Watch_Dogs and how expansive it will be. The development team has even started to build the country-side surrounding Chicago for players to explore. In terms of hacking, the free roaming comes into play because the protagonist must infiltrate areas and plant viruses in their systems before he can come back later to hack any and all devices there. Hacking is vital in Watch_Dogs, no matter your playstyle. You can use it for cover, diversions, scouting, etc.

Another very interesting addition is the ability for other players to infect your devices while your character is free roaming. This creates a level of paranoia because you must constantly watch your back as your hacking into systems. The benefit of players doing this is to expand their network of possible hacking targets. In a sense, this feature is a meta-game in the Watch_Dogs universe.

Hacking isn’t the only danger you can face from other players–they can also tail you and garner intel to sell to other factions. The worst part is that invading players look like average civilians which makes identifying them nigh impossible.

Finally we learn about how Ubisoft Montreal will be using the PS4’s Companion App feature. A competitive mode allows players to play with others on PC and console. One player will control the city from above and can hack into anything and control anyone. Another player will be on ground level and must complete mission objectives while dealing with the threat from above.