Watch_Dogs: Side Missions and Mini Games

Watch_Dogs: Side Missions and Mini Games

Like most open world games, Watch_Dogs has a ton of things to do outside of the campaign. I wanted to create a video for this game and figured that making it based around the side stuff would be perfect.

As I began to put this together, I realized that one video alone wouldn’t be enough and ultimately ended up with four videos which highlight some of the side missions and mini games. There are a few other things in this game, mostly collectibles, but I wanted to focus on the stuff that would make for good videos. No one wants to see me running around looking for hidden items after all. Well, maybe some do, but I digress.

The side missions in this first video are more of the action packed variety. I have to find targets and either take them out or knock them out. You can see how traditional cover based mechanics blend well with the game’s hacking ability. While you can go in with all guns blazing if you want, I found that taking out enemies with firearms AND the environment was the most efficient (and fun) way of doing it.

This next video has some of the side missions which focus more on driving. As Guiseppe said in his review, the car controls are a bit wonky so you can see me struggle a bit when making turns. Once you get the controls down, driving is not that bad and these driving based side missions can be pretty cool.

There are more mini games in Watch_Dogs than anything else, hence why the following two videos are the longest. Unlike side missions, mini games always stay on the map and you can replay them as much as you’d like. These offer a wide variety of things to do like AR games, chess, poker and my favorite… drinking!

Digital Trips are by far the most involved mini games in Watch_Dogs. They consist of four games which put Aiden into strange virtual worlds. Each one of these is unique and it’s easy to get absorbed into them. Like Guiseppe, my favorite one is the Spider Tank mini game. You can’t go wrong with being able to control a giant spider mech that causes a lot of property damage.

So there you have it guys. Watch_Dogs may be somewhat by-the-numbers when it comes to open world games and their overabundance of side quests and mini games but, personally, I’m not complaining. I find the miscellaneous diversions more compelling than the main story. Even though they may not be the most original, they are fun and that is what really matters.