Watch_Dogs Won’t have Microtransactions; Story Will “Explore” Mature Themes; More info Shared

Watch_Dogs Won’t have Microtransactions; Story Will “Explore” Mature Themes; More info Shared

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is approaching its release date very fast, and today Creative Director Jonathan Morin gave some more information about the game and its features:

First of all, Morin was asked if Watch_Dogs would have any microtransations, and his response was strongly negative, all caps and exclamation mark included:

NO! We don’t use this to advance faster or any of that. This just doesn’t fit at all with WD. So no Free-to-Play model here.

He was also asked to gauge how much mature content was included in the game, and if it’s avoidable in any way. Looks like if you want to keep it PG, you’ll have to avoid the game altogether:

I wouldn’t say it has THAT much but some of it is unavoidable. WD narrative is exploring some serious matters…

Interestingly enough, Morin also explained that the game will save progress dynamically, without the need of a “safehouse” mechanic, even if there’ll be places to sleep:

We save dynamically every progress you make so you never lose anything you have accomplished. Then we do have places to sleep…

Finally, we get some insight on what we’ll gain (or lose) from online interactions and hacking of/by other players:

You get/lose notoriety. These unlock skills and there’s also a notoriety leaderboard. That’s all I can say for now : ).

Of course we already know that you can turn off the online feature completely if you so wish, so if you prefer to avoid having other players claiming bragging rights over you, you will be able to keep them out of your game.

One thing is for sure: the lack of microtransactions, in this day and age, is quite interesting, and honestly welcome.