WAVE’s Love Plus Swimsuit Figures Now Available For Pre-Order

on July 16, 2011 2:00 PM

…Yeah. WAVE has just opened up pre-orders for their figures of the female protagonists of Love Plus, each in a different swimsuit. Fitting for the summer mood, I guess.

Pictured is the Rinko figure, which (unlike the other figures) comes with an alternate hairstyle. The Manaka and Nene figures, while of similar quality, lack this feature. It doesn’t matter much to me because the only figure I’m really down for is the Rinko one, but that’s worth noting if you’re interested in the others.

Each is priced at 5,050 yen at Amiami.jp, which comes out to about $60 US. It’s a high price, but the figures look to be of an equally high quality. The figures are planned to release in late December; odd to see such a summer-focused design release at the opposite time of the year.

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