Wayne Gretzky Named Cover Athlete of All-New EA Sports NHL SLAPSHOT

June 1, 2010

It’s June 1st! If you are anything like the DualShockers crew that means you are starting to get very anxious, packing suitcases, booking interviews, and general pre-E3 mayhem including barfing out of sheer joy and e-mailing photos to your friends with the tag-line “Hot Babe I Saw At The Beach” or “Oh my god I just saw a UFO”, devious.

That doesn’t stop a great looking game or two from catching our attention amidst the madness. Wayne Gretzky has just been named the cover athlete of the all-new EA Sports NHL SLAPSHOT which introduces the first-ever hockey stick controller for the Nintendo Wii. The new controller is a simple add-on that the Wii-Mote and Nunchuk plug in to. This extra controller will be included with the game as a bundle. This September, experience the game on the Wii through the eyes of Hall of Fame, record holding hockey master himself Wayne Gretzky.

Jon Ireson

Jon is a gamer above all else. He plays all types of games. You can find him mostly in War games. He is very passionate and a hard worker and it shows through his writing. Favorite Games: Warhawk, Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, Final Fantasy 6

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