WB Games Reportedly Planned to Reveal New Batman, Harry Potter, and Rocksteady Games at E3 2020

E3 2020 was planned to be a major event for the team at WB, with reveals for new Batman, Harry Potter, and Rocksteady games said to be planned for the show.

In the wake of E3 2020 being canceled, news has started to come out from a variety of sources about what the show was planned to look like this year. For one such publisher, it seems as though the annual summer convention was going to be a major event on the calendar that they’ll now have to work around.

In a new report from Kotaku, it was said that this year’s E3 was going to be a major one for the team at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. For the first time ever, WB was said to be planning to hold its own E3 press conference where it would have announced the new, much-teased Batman Arkham game, a new Harry Potter game that leaked a few years back, and lastly, the reveal of Rocksteady Studios’ highly-secretive new project.

Of course, just because WB will no longer have the opportunity to reveal all of these titles at E3 2020 doesn’t mean that they still won’t be unveiled. We’ve already seen publishers like Microsoft and Ubisoft announcing plans to partake in digital events rather than holding more formal press events in proximity to E3. This could very likely be something that WB Games opts to do now as well, even though current plans for such an event hasn’t been announced just yet.

Even though it has been a bit of a bummer morning so far when it comes to gaming news, many publishers will likely announce new plans shortly for what they plan to do in a year without E3. If WB Games were indeed planning to unveil these three aforementioned titles at E3 this year, their formal reveals will still likely come about at some point in 2020.

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