WCG 2009 Gears of War Champion - Team Legacy Interview

This past weekend was DualShockers’ first foray into the world of competitive gaming. The WCG 209 US Final was host to many different titles spanning all genres, but the titles we felt more closely related to our readers were mostly those found on consoles. Out of all the games, the one that excited the crowd the most (by far) had to be Gears of War 2, with every headshot drawing “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowd. What can I say, people like blood.

For the championship round had I had a chance to chat with a member of Team Legacy before and after their final match against Raw Talent. Part of the Empire Arcadia crew, and managed by the “Jay-Z” of competitive gaming, Triforce (I say that because Triforce and his company Empire Arcadia have teams for just about every major title out there). The player I had a chance to speak with was Richie AKA Terra, a local guy from the boogie-down Bronx who from what I can see, is the backbone for his team. The rest of the guys on the team are “Ribs” “Perfect Uno” and “Mephisto”.

Here are some highlights from our before and after interview with Team Legacy from the show floor.

How long have you guys been competing competitively?

“About 3-4 years now competitively.”

Have you guys won any major tournaments or events?

“We won the very 1st GoW tournament that MLG had in the Meadowlands. Placed 5th in Columbus, 9th in Dallas. And we’re looking to hopefully take MLG Anaheim and MLG Orlando.”

Oh, so is it safe to assume you guys are already known in the world of gears, and in the world of competitive gaming?

“We’re doing our best to get ourselves known out there, it’s not easy to push for a game that’s banned in a lot of places. So we’re doing our best to have the community see what type of game GoW is, and the competitive side to it.”

You brought up the Gears ban, what’s going on with that?

It’s too gory for some of the countries, just like GTA was taken off the shelves in some places. The thing is, you could remove the gore so I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal if it can be taken out.

How confident are you that you guys are going to take this home right now?

“We’ve been confident before we even started playing. We’re confident in every tournament we go to. If we didn’t think we were going to win, we wouldn’t be here. We’re not here for the trip, or the pictures and stuff. We’re here to win, we’re hungry and that’s what we strive for…to win.”

There’s guys here with the fancy sponsors and team shirts, but they’re all getting eliminated, what do you have to say about that?

“A lot of guys are here for advertisement. We’re not here for that. We’re here to win! Then we advertise later, that’s how we handle our situation.”

That was before they went on the beat Raw Talent in the Finals, here’s a little bit of our conversation after the big win.

Do you think you had the most competition at the very end, here in the finals?

“We beat them twice before already, we sent them to the losers bracket. So I guess the icing on the cake was beating them now in the finals. But I still believe on best competition in this tournament was Essence.”

So you guy’s are off to China now, next month?

“Nah, unfortunately we’re the only team here, or rather the only game here that’s not being sent to China. Since the game is banned in alot of countries it’s not a popular as games like Counter Strike.”

So what next then?

“Next is the MLG Anaheim which I believe is November 4-6, and after that MLG Orlando. That’s where grand finals are. 1st place, $40,000.”

Any other teams that you have on your radar or that you’re looking out for?

“I feel that any team could be dangerous so we don’t overlook anybody. Any team that makes it out of open bracket could be potentially dangerous, but it’s all about executing and playing to our game style and making them try to adapt to us instead of us to them.”

How many teams were here to begin with?

“There were 10 teams and I believe 9 of them were pro teams.”

So basically you got a chance to see some of the competition that will be in Anaheim and Orlando?

“We’ve played a lot of these guys before, but it’s all about alternating our strategy every time we see them to make sure we come out on top.”

And they did, Terra and the rest of the guys managed to cap off an already exciting day by walking away with a check for $10,000. Not bad for 3 days work. Stay tuned to DualShockers, as we’ll be providing more coverage and insight into the world of competitive gaming.

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