We Happy Few’s PS4 Dynamic Theme By Truant Pixel Accentuates In-Game Madness

We Happy Few’s PS4 Dynamic Theme By Truant Pixel Accentuates In-Game Madness

We Happy Few's PS4 dynamic theme, lovingly-crafted by Truant Pixel, incorporates Joy in just the right ways to show how eerie Wellington Wells actually is.

By now, everyone in the gaming community has likely seen the reveal trailer of We Happy Few — developer Compulsion Games’ twisted first-person survival horror game entrenched with Orwellian, dystopian tropes. While yesterday it was announced that the long-awaited game will be coming to PS4 (with another menacing trailer), today’s latest revelation is that the game’s PS4 dynamic theme will be coming from master theme-smiths, Truant Pixel.

What does this We Happy Few PS4 theme entail? Players will get a street view of the in-game locale, Wellington Wells, with some haunting background music accentuating the eeriness of the setting. The PlayStation 4 default icons are made up of almost child-friendly versions, in Compulsion’s fashion of creating uneasiness through the use of dichotomy.

More interestingly, Truant Pixel incorporates the in-game mechanic of “Joy” into the theme itself. Joy are in-game happy pills that residents voluntarily take to forget their troubles and keep themselves sedated, noticeably with the world visually changing to look more pleasant. And we use voluntary in a loose sense — Downers (AKA people who refuse to take their Joy dosage)  don’t tend to survive long in Wellington Wells. The society doesn’t fare well to outsiders.

To convey this, Truant Pixel added some smart implementation into the theme. As the theme is in the background, the view will shift between your viewpoint on Joy and becoming a Downer. The environment changes from a nearly fantasy-esque view of London streets, complete with rainbows and colorful flags, to a foggy, dark and dreary view of that same street.

While We Happy Few has enjoyed quite some time in Early Access, the game will get a full launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 13, 2018 — alongside a terrific Collector’s Edition. Anyone who pre-orders the game on PlayStation 4 will get Truant Pixel’s dynamic theme for free.