We Have A Winner For Our God of War: Origins Collection Giveaway!

I just have to say right off the bat that this was one tough decision to make. I feel like we had some great responses from everyone who participated with a few notable mentions actually coming from the same game, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater! We had “Leon” who chose “The Boss” and “Romudeth” who chose “The End”. Both iconic and incredible boss fight in their own right. Ironically, the winning entry also came from the Metal Gear universe, and it comes to us from “Ray J” or “@Chronorayven” on twitter. His winning pick was none other than Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid ! A villain so bad ass that he’s truly is in a class all his own.

Check out “Ray J’s” winning entry! 

Psycho Mantis one of the weirdest, creepiest looking boss in the metal gear series or any where else. He looks freaking weird wearing that gas mask and seems to be wearing some skin tight bondage outfit and the voice through the gas mask makes him more creepy. Before even fighting him he uses Merryl to kill you which makes me hate him more. He has some annoying abilities like invisibility, levitation, moving objects with his mind, controlling other people, and reading the players thoughts. The first time I played against him scared since he could read how I’ve been playing the game, reading my memory card of other konami game saves and making the controller vibrate with his mind. It is ingenious how you fight him to counter his invisibility you have to use a thermal goggles, and blacks out the screen with the word HIDEO to make his escape, using objects in the room to throw at you, using Merryl to kill you and to waste time trying to knock her out while he attacks and finally to change controller to slot 2 so he won’t be able to read your movements made it cool.  After beating him we get to know his backstory a bit more and makes it a bit sad. With that ends one of my most favorite boss fight ever.

Amen. Ray J Amen. Congrats again and to those who participated but didn’t get chosen make sure to keep checking back as we’re always in the giving mood here at DualShockers! What you don’t believe me? Just check out the contest we have going on right now! 





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