We. The Revolution Will Make Console Owners a Tool in the Reign of Terror

Klabater's stylish indie game We. The Revolution is bringing the French Revolution to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch next month.

May 23, 2019

As fun as Ace Attorney makes the courtroom seem, We. The Revolution makes it equally dreadful. On June 25, console owners can experience that dread PC users got to back in March.

Created in Poland by publisher Klabater and developer Polyslash, We. The Revolution places players right in the middle of the French Revolution as a judge on the Revolutionary Tribunal. For non-history majors, that was a court instituted by the National Convention (the first French government organized like a republic). Its purpose was to put those seen as a threat to the state on trial. It also often put them under a guillotine.

We. The Revolution portrays that history with a polygonal art style and detective work. You find yourself in the courtroom often–reading reports on the accused and analyzing the evidence. Honing in on specific parts of reports unlocks different avenues of analysis. You can then question the accused as a surrounding jury of their peers watch on with the most contemptuous gazes they can muster.

Their contempt isn’t just for whoever stands on trial either–you’re in just as much danger. Fail to prove your competence as an effective arm of the Reign of Terror and prepare to kiss your head goodbye. The process of picking apart reports is click-heavy. Because of this, Polyslash is altering the controls to make using a controller more intuitive.

Besides interacting with actual historical figures, you’ll spend time with your family at home. How your day went is discussed over dinner, including any decisions you’ve made about head lopping. If you’ve been on a guillotine spree, you may find yourself shunned by those you love. Alternatively, if you let everyone off the hook you risk losing your own head.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch owners can travel back to this gruesome time in history for $20 when We. The Revolution releases on June 25.

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