The Suicide Squad - Who on Earth is Weasel and Which Familiar Actor Plays Him?

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By Sam Woods

March 27, 2021

Yesterday, fans were treated to the first trailer of James Gunn’s rendition of The Suicide Squad.

The movie is a follow up to 2016’s Suicide Squad which, despite performing well at the box office, failed to win over critics.

While the 2016 original had a stellar cast, this year’s rendition of the merry band of misfits goes even further – including the likes of Pete Davidson, John Cena, Idris Elba and Silvester Stallone.

What that has meant, however, is there are more than one or two characters who are unrecognisable to the uninitiated. Let’s take a look at one of those right now, the character who is simply named Weasel.

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So who (or what) exactly is Weasel?

Weasel, who was initially known as John Monroe, was a quiet student at Stanford University.

He was bullied at school and given the nickname Weasel, something which later on became his alias.

When in the role of Weasel, Monroe wore a Weasel costume which had razor sharp claws. That, combined with Monroe’s ability in hand-to-hand combat and his sheer agility, made him a force to be reckoned with. And a murderer.

Weasel murdered three of his fellow students and ended up fighting with a Physics Professor/Superhero named Martin Stein (firestorm). Unfortunately for Weasel, Stein came out on top and he was sent to prison, thus beginning his adventures with the Suicide Squad.

Who plays Weasel in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad?

Weasel will be played by none other than James Gunn’s brother, Sean.

The brothers previously worked together on James’ incredibly popular Guardians of the Galaxy, in which he played Kraglin, the first mate in the Yondu clan.

It’s not the first time Sean Gunn has played a rodent either. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Sean provided motion capture for Rocket, who was then voiced by Bradley Cooper.

More Suicide Squad News

Following yesterday’s brilliant trailer – we’ve done a deep dive into plenty of Suicide Squad info. You can find some of it right here:

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