DualShockers’ WeebCast Episode 13: Anime Expo, the E3 for Otaku

DualShockers’ WeebCast Episode 13: Anime Expo, the E3 for Otaku

Anime Expo is becoming more and more like a mini-E3 for video game publishers and developers drop their summer announcements to a more focused target.

Anime Expo 2018 was hosted last week in Los Angeles, and it brought quite a lot of reveals and announcements for the Japanese games-loving crowd.

The show used to focus mostly on anime, but the past few years saw a shift towards gaming, with smaller publishers and developers (joined by bigger ones like Bandai Namco) taking the chance to drop their summer announcements in a more targeted environment compared to E3, avoiding the risk of seeing their reveals overshadowed by big first-party titles and western AAA games.


This year was no exception, and we got four days of panels packed of new details and announcements. In this thirteenth episode of the Weebcast, we discuss what we heard, alongside a look at the summer anime season that is starting.

As usual, Please keep in mind that this podcast is still in an experimental phase. Constructive criticism and suggestions are absolutely welcome and encouraged, so do leave them in the comments below. You can also let us know which themes you’d like to see covered in upcoming episodes.

Now, without further ado, you can listen to the DualShockers’ Weebcast below, either on YouTube or Soundcloud. You can also listen on iTunes if you so wish. In case you missed it, you can also check out the previous episode, which discussed the games that were conspicuously missing at E3 2018.