Week Two of Guild Wars 2 September Feature Pack Reveal Outlines Megaserver Improvements

By Andrew Matt

August 25, 2014

Arena Net has been hard at work on a second Feature Pack – free updates that are similar to expansion – for Guild Wars 2 this month, detailing how things will be changing in a lead up to its September launch date. To kick of the second week of information, the developers have decided to go over new tweaks to their megaserver system.

The megaserver system, part of the first Feature Pack update, was released in April of this year as a way to boost player populations in areas by making copies of maps based around global population need in the area instead of having several individual copies per world. To keep things smooth and continue to promote community and cooperation, Arena Net is rolling out a unique global guild system to compliment this change. Instead of having different guilds on several different worlds, you can now share across them.

Highlights of this new feature include the following:

The influence and the merits that your guild earned in each world will now be combined into your global guild. To make sure that you’re not losing anything there, the combined merits quantity can go over the normal limit of 250. However, your guild will not be able to earn more merits until the count gets back under that threshold.

Any upgrade you’ve unlocked on any world will be available in your global guild. If you’ve unlocked the same upgrade on multiple worlds, the influence and merit cost will be refunded. Again, the refunded merits will be allowed to exceed the normal limit, but you will be unable to earn more merits while over the limit.

All guild consumables unlocked on any world will be available in your global guild. For this purpose, the number of consumables in stock can go over the usual limits, but you will not be able to build new consumables of the same type before going back under the usual threshold.

Guild boosts that are enabled will be returned to your guild inventory and you will have to reenable them from your global guild to activate them.

The guild vault from the world that had the highest number of slots will become your global guild vault. If your guild had the same number of slots on multiple worlds, it’ll pick the one with the most items. However, the items from other worlds’ banks will not be lost—instead, their contents will be put into extra slots, which will only be available to withdraw from and will disappear once empty.

Additional changes include tweaks to guild missions to reflect the new global guild system, as well as changes to how map copies work on the server to keep you playing with friends and allies more often. To keep up to date on the latest details on the September Feature Pack, make sure to keep yourself glued to the Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack blog.

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