Weekend DealShockers – Binding of Isaac Edition

Weekend DealShockers – Binding of Isaac Edition

While Steam is constantly running deals that always seem worth it, today’s daily deal is one that should really not be missed. Our very own John Colaw’s personal Game of the Year and DualShocker’s collective Best Indie Game of 2011 is Steam’s Deal of the Day for today, January, 22.

The Binding of Isaac, Edmund McMillen’s stellar rougelike is normally $5, but today it is only $2.49.  Even better, the game can be snagged with the soundtrack for $2.99.


If classic and unforgiving roguelikes aren’t your thing, Steam is also having a sale on select Sonic the Hedgehog titles.  While the newly re-released Sonic CD or Sonic the Hedgehog 4 aren’t on sale, just about every other Sonic game available through steam is. This actually includes Sonic Generations, a recent Sonic game notable for not being terrible. Sonic Generations is 50% off it’s normal $29.99 price point at $14.99 this weekend.

So there are some pretty good games on sale on Steam this weekend. Is $2.50 low enough for you to give The Binding of Isaac a try?