Weekend DealShockers: Dreams Come True Edition

Weekend DealShockers: Dreams Come True Edition

So it is another weekend, and that means that tons of content and games go on sale for no other reason then to celebrate the weekend.  This weekend sees a bunch of Xbox Live content go on sale, an excellent collection for the PS3, as well as the usual Steam and GOG.com weekend deals.  One deal in particular stands out, with all of its shiny, unnecessary prettiness.

We’ll kick things off with the awesome content from Bethesda that went on sale on Xbox Live for the weekend.   To begin with, a ton of Fallout 3 DLC is on sale, with all the various content packs dropping down to 400 Microsoft Spacebucks, or $5.  Pretty good price if you haven’t played some of these.  While all 5 expansions are on sale if you were to only get one, make sure it is the fantastic Broken Steel expansion, which really expands the end of the core game and actually lets you join (my personal favorite faction of the Fallout universe), the Brotherhood of Steel.  Plus it raises the level cap, which is never a bad thing.  There are also some Fallout 3 avatar items on sale if you’re looking for those kinds of things.  Fallout: New Vegas is also jumping into the mix, with the first two expansions, Dead Money and Honest Hearts going on sale for 400 points a piece.

The highlight of the Bethesda content however is in their sale on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion content.  Sure the amazing Shivering Isles is $5 off for 1200 points or $15.  Sure you can make a pilgrimage and establish a new faction in The Knights of the Nine, which is 400 points.  But why would you want to do those things, when for 100 microsoft points, or less than $2, you can finally get the dreamy, golden Horse Armor.

Also on Xbox Live, Doom II and Quake Arena Arcade are also on sale for a mere $5.  Pretty good price if you’re looking for something cheap and relatively mindless.

Meanwhile, at Best Buy, the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection is on sale for the PlayStation 3, $25 for two of the best and most beautiful games ever made.

Next up, GOG.com has an awesome progression deal going on, where the more games you add from the selection, the cheaper each gets.  One of the great things about these classics is that if you get all of them, you still spend less than $25.  The games available for the deal are Caesar 3, Call to Power 2, Dark Reign and its expansion, Dark Reign 2, Police Quest: SWAT 1 & 2, SWAT3: Tactical Game of the Year Edition.  So a pretty good selection if you’re looking for something old school.

Finally, Steam, as always, has their weekend deal up.  This weekend, it is Fable III, while I won’t share my opinion of the game here, if you’re curious, I will say that $17 for the game is not an awful price.  Even better, Steam’s Daily Deal, which will run until tomorrow at roughly Noon EST, is the cool galactic simulator Universe Sandbox.  Universe Sandbox  is on sale for 50% off, or $5 on the digital downloading service.  If you’re feeling particularly vengeful this weekend and feel like ending worlds, then Universe Sandbox might be right up your alley.

Another weekend, another ton of games on sale!