Weekend Wrap Up of March 13

on March 14, 2010 4:59 PM

Weekend Wrap Up of March 13
This week, Final Fantasy XIII dropped and several of the DualShockers writers have gotten their hands on the game including Chad who will bring us his in-depth review of the game soon. Our editor-in-chief Yaris got his hands on God of War III as well. The intensity of such mammoth games entering release within the same couple of weeks has already begun to crank up the heat for gamers worldwide, and DualShockers feels that heat. It was a big week for the team as DualShockers TV unveiled coverage from the EA Media Day in NYC including interviews with the Executive Producer of Medal of Honor and Producer of Skate 3, Chris “Cuz” Parry.

Be sure to check out this week’s podcast which featured some heated discussions about the Infinity Ward / Activision situation, Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III reviews and more. In News this week we had a storm of announcements including confirmation of Valve’s move to the Mac platform, Blizzard’s hopes for a StarCraft 2 Mac beta in April, and PlayStation Network’s crowning of King of HD Movies to own and rent, as Sony announced all major studios support. In addition to these big stories we also have had a lot of new gameplay footage from games like the new Medal of Honor, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, as well as new screens from Fable 3, and a new game announcement for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We even got a few release dates pinned down. The GDC 2010 event has also brought us a lot of insight into the future of the PlayStation 3 motion controller device, now revealed as PlayStation Move. All in all this week’s game happenings were fit for a king, so get out your knife and big boy fork and dig in.

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