Weekend Wrap Up of March 6

Weekend Wrap Up of March 6


After posting up last weekend’s wrap up, I turned on my 360 to play some Modern Warfare 2 with our fans for our community play date. I was greeted with an E74 error. After that, I turned on my PS3 to kill some time before I had to go to sleep. I was greeted with another error code. After both those things happened, I was pretty sure we wouldn’t have a wrap up this week because as far as I was concerned, it was the end of the world. Alas, we have made it through another week, PS3’s are working fine again and I’m still fighting with Xbox support to get a shipping label for my console. Ahh, the joys of being a 360 owner. But enough about me, DualShockers has been busy as ever with writers attending events in Los Angeles and New York. HipHopGamer joined some DualShockers for our weekly podcast as well, you can listen to that here. Also, big news this week consisted of the announcement of Portal 2, Sony acquiring Media Molecule and the Activision/Infinity Ward drama. Last but not least, worst news of the week honors go to the delay of Red Dead Redemption, I think I would rather take an overhand right from Chuck Liddell before I hear it gets delayed again.