Weekend Wrapup of May 23

Weekend Wrapup of May 23


This is the Weekend Wrapup, Late Night edition. This week we saw the release of Red Dead Redemption the “sleeper hit” of 2010 (c/o Senior Editor Al Zamora on the latest Shockcast) which has gave way to the flooding of my PlayStation in-box with messages about how great it is. Between the release of details and screens for Killzone 3 to PAC-MAN‘s birthday and the surprise announcement of Backbreaker 2 this week was full of the usual gaming industry madness. Stephanie Summers, Editor from GamingAngels, guest starred on the DualShockers ShockCast this week as we discussed the objectifying of women in mainstream video game news websites as well as which games we are all looking forward to this Fall, the week in review, and much more. Here is your weekend update, the quick and easy way to catch up with the gaming world!

ShockCast Episode 15 – Tits for Hits? Grow Up! No More Celebrities in Guitar Hero, Fall expectations, New PSP Bundle, and More.