Weight Loss Can Be More Like A Video Game Than You Think

on January 18, 2010 8:33 PM

When most people think of playing video games, they think of sitting down, getting comfortable, and immersing themselves in the game. However, the act of gaming is a lazy one, and is usually paired with snacks and soft drinks. Taylor LeBaron took this past time and used it as the basis for something different.

LeBaron took mechanics of games and incorporated them into a workout game. Exercise would add to his funds, where as snacks and such would take away. His goal was to try and end everyday with lots of points. Snacks and fatty foods were his enemies, and he would side with his allies, exercise and healthy diet, to overcome his enemies.

After 18 months of this method, LeBaron managed to lose 150 lbs. and his mother and grandmother played as well and lost 75 and 45 lbs respectively.

This shows that with a bit of imagination, video games and their mechanics can be used to inspire something such as this.


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