Welcome Our New Community Manager

on December 27, 2011 1:30 PM

My name Dianna and I’m the newly hired Community Manager for DualShockers and I look forward to managing the um.. community and stuff. I came from GamerfitNation where I was Video Content Producer and Gamer Reaction where I’ve done Marketing and Business Development.

Some of my DualShockers duties will include getting the forums up and running in the near future, planning events, running contests, and much much more. You’ll be hearing a lot from me on the DualShockers Facebook and Twitter pages.

Some fun facts about me: I’m a tech/comic book/anime/video game/information nerd who has grown to love marketing– specifically community marketing. Throughout my almost 6+ years experience I’ve picked up a lot of skills. In addition to Marketing/ Business Development, I also have extensive video production experience including, editing, shooting video and photography. I also like to randomly burst into song and dance, I’m a karaoke superstar, can drink with the best of them,  have no shame in admitting I love playing D&D, know a lot of useless trivia, love long walks on the beach, martial arts, and I can knit a damn good scarf.

Last, but not least, I love gaming and love talking about it. I’m terribly opinionated about it and have no problem launching into the death of the single player game.

I’m so incredibly stoked to be a part of DualShockers, and honored to be a part of an awesome community who shares the same passion as I do.

I look forward to chatting with all of you at some point!

Look for me on Xbox, PSN and Steam:  Grlpants

Follow me on Twitter at: @GrlpantsGR

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