Welcome to Mech Lab 101: Learn How to Use the Mech Lab for MechWarrior Online

on April 4, 2012 6:06 PM

A Developer’s Blog published today breaks down what to expect with the Mech Lab feature in MechWarrior Online. To start off with, there will be parts that can be swapped or upgraded by spending C-Bills: Weapons, Armor, Engines, Heat Sinks, Jump Jets, ECM Equipment, and Modules.

As a warning, the game will include a ‘Hardpoint’ system, which means that weapons can only be swapped out for the same type. You also won’t be able to exchange hardpoint locations or types. For example, if you want to put a weapon somewhere, it has to be specified for weapons. 

As for armor, there is a ratio for that. For every one ton of standard armor, the chassis is given 16 armor points. These points will be able to be assigned to different sections of a BattleMech. Each weight class will have a maximum amount of armor it can sustain.

Jump Jets will be chassis specific and Heat Sinks can be put anywhere there is room and space. Once Modules are unlocked, they can be purchased with C-Bills to be put into the inventory.

Customize of the BattleMech might be everyone’s favorite part. Players will be able to mix up camo colors, add some stripes, and even a sticker or two. Nothing screams awesome like some good decal. Read up on the entire crash course here.

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