Feast of Legends, a Free Tabletop RPG Was Just Announced by Wendy's

Excuse me, game master, this is a Wendy's.

What is it with fast-food chains wanting a slice of video game development pie? Burger King back in 2006 released Sneak King for the Xbox and Xbox 360. Earlier this year we saw KFC publish a Colonel Sanders dating simulation for PC. Yesterday, Wendy’s has jumped in on the action with Feast of Legends a tabletop RPG in which you set out to defend the world from frozen food.

Feast of Legends puts Wendy’s popular promise to offer fresh food to the limelight with a Dungeons & Dragon’s style tabletop RPG.

The story revolves around players going against an “Ice Jester” whose character artwork bears similarities to McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald. This antagonist causes a threat to Queen Wendy’s reign of prosperity in the realm of Beef’s Keep, and it’s up to you and other adventurers to fight back.

The nations have fallen into disagreements in how to treat the people of the realm, with Creepingvale and the United Clown Nations leading the people into “The Deep Freeze”. Freshtovia however, ruled by Queen Wendy has “clapped back” at any attacks on the borders.

Players will create a character with a game master, otherwise known as GM who drives the narrative of the game in the same way you would play Dungeons & Dragons. Feasts of Legends is free to play, with a 97-page manual/rulebook which is free to download as a PDF here. The whole thing is, as expected, riddled with food puns. You can also download character sheets for your character creation joys.

While the Ice Jester only bears similar similarities to Ronald McDonald, the overall premise of the game reflects on Wendy’s indirect social media Tweets in which they call out the rivals use of frozen food instead of fresh food. An example would be this Twitter thread in March this year showing them freezing a cake on National Frozen Food Day, another example is below.

Feast of Legends has a dedicated website that allows you to read the manual, download the character sheets, and even roll digital dice. Realistically speaking, the game does look well created and seems incredibly in-depth with well thought out food puns. Lettuce leave it here now though.

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