Wentworth Miller To Play Chris Redfield In New Resident Evil Movie

You thought Michael Scofield died in that explosion in Prison Break? It’s going to take more than a huge explosion to beat the constantly angry looking fugitive that, for some reason, wasn’t too fond of smiling. A badass character, with a badass attitude only means one thing: Who cares? Michael Scofield – Wentworth Miller – has gone from fugitive to hard-punching zombie shooting veteran Chris Redfield in the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife movie, which begun filming. The movie is being done in 3D which, for some reason, isn’t really that appealing; especially since the last 3D movie I saw – The Final Destination – made me beat my woman in the theaters for forcing me to see such an atrocious thing dubbed “movie.”

The new movie, which is supposed to be a revamp, will undoubtedly add the the shit list of game-based-movies that has been plaguing Hollywood since their suicide-engrossing version of Super Mario Bros. was released. I mean, seriously, who the hell thought of putting a Puerto Rican without a mustache to play Luigi? That is blasphemy. Nintendo of Japan should have destroyed Hollywood with kamikaze planes, personally.

The film is due for release sometime next year, for those of you craving despicable movies or a good laugh. It’s going to be pretty interesting seeing Wentworth Miller take on the role of Chris Redfield – especially since Chris Redfield’s arms look like Ostrich legs. Mr. Wentworth better start juicing now.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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