West of Loathing Releases on PC with a Funny Launch Trailer

West of Loathing Releases on PC with a Funny Launch Trailer

West of Loathing is now available on PC, so the developers released a funny new trailer for the game to celebrate.

Developer Asymmetric finally released West of Loathing, its follow up to 2003’s popular Kingdom of Loathing, today on Steam. To celebrate, a launch trailer for the stick-figure turn based RPG has been released.

For those that don’t know: West of Loathing is a single-player comedic adventure turn based RPG set in the wild west era of the Kingdom of Loathing universe. The game has typical 2D open-world exploration common in RPGs, while its combat system is more turn-based and tactical.


Perhaps the most notable thing about West of Loathing is that the title features a unique stick-figure asethetic, which means the game’s characters look like childhood doodles fully realized in a video game. While this may sound weird and limiting and first, coupled with the writing, it comes off as quite charming.

The game contains a branching narrative, tons of NPCs and different types of enemies, and over 100 unique locations. If you want to know DualShockers’ full thoughts on the game, you can check out our review of West of Loathing, where we bestowed the title with a 7.5, and a previous gameplay trailer. 

You can check out the funny launch trailer below. West of Loathing is currently available on PC via Steam for $10.99. The developers also plan on bringing the game to mobile devices later this year, though no date or price has been given for those versions.