West of Loathing Gets a Launch Trailer For Its Nintendo Switch Release

There is a new release trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of West of Loathing, showing off its 'colorful' characters and collectible hats.

Making up for humor in what it lacks in graphical quality, West of Loathing is now out on the Nintendo Switch. Asymmetric has also revealed a new release trailer for their title, showing some of the crazy elements one can find in its stick-man world.

If you were an avid gamer around 15 years ago, then you might have come across a game called Kingdom of Loathing. The somewhat aged turn-based RPG is what came before West of Loathing, which was released last year on PC. Now that the Loathing has crawled its way onto the Nintendo Switch, players can choose to be a Snake Oiler or even a Cow Puncher while playing on the Nintendo Switch gamepad (but don’t punch your Switch gamepad when you see a cow).

West of Loathing is available on PC, Linus, Mac, and now has found a home on the Nintendo Switch. The game is $11, which is kind of an odd price for any game (no pun intended). Want to see why over 150,000 PC gamers invested money and time into a game with a bland style of graphics? Then click on the trailer below and also check out our detailed review of the game on PC:

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