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Sometimes when I have a really bad day at work, and I need to kill at least 700 men with guns and weapons, I look to the game Wet.When I first heard of this game, I thought this was going to be some beach type game or something really dirty. I still got the dirty part right, but there was no beach. To my surprise with a mixture of Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill, and lots of old western stylized movies put together, Bethesda could create a game like this.

What I found out from the game, Wet means to have your hands soaked in blood. That sounds pretty much the way I envisioned it for awhile now. It wouldn’t be “stained” that’s for sure, unless you stopped killing people; then it would be called “Dry”, and no one wants to play a game that is called something that is a synonym to a desert. Wet is about a gun-for-hire name Ruby Malone, who is hired by this wealthy man who wants his delinquent son back. By delinquent, I do mean a really bad boy. Of course this game would not have gone anywhere if something did not happen along the way. With her fiery attitude she storms along countries, killing everything she sees with a gun, through the use of aerobics, “slow me down motion”, and of course, boom boom mechanics.

Seeing Ruby with an array of death aerobics puts a woman like ‘The Bride’ from Kill Bill to shame. Imagine running to your enemy, using him as leverage as you lift yourself up in the air, then just to fall right down and stick your long and valuable sword down his throat. Oh yes I have been imagining to do that to quite a few people, and I should be taking some fighting tips from this woman. Besides her illustrious sword of doom, her weapons of choice are nothing to be ignored. You start off in the game with her two pistols, or as I like to call them, her “monkey guns”. Being that you have unlimited bullets with the pistols, just imagining the amount of carnage that you will make is catastrophic. But there are other guns you could use to have your fill with the total destruction in the game. You might need them if you are not so good with aiming.

The fighting mechanics were pretty amazing. It was combination of both a plus and a negative put together. When you perform an aerobic action, like jumping or wall running, you could slow down the pace of time and shoot really fast at your enemies while they move really slow and have no time to react to the incoming bullets. The negative side to this is that she shoots really slow without going into this slow motion action. So if you are running and shooting, your enemies will not go down. Which brings me to another negative point to the game, which was the amount of aerobic shooting combos in the game. There weren’t really that many choose from, at least not too easily remembered, which were the plain jump and shoot, slide and shoot, and wall run and shoot. Sure there were others like wall jump an enemy and shoot, and sliding down a pole while shooting, but how many times do you get to do that in the game and not die? At least with her 360 degree rotation, if you jumped or slid and the enemies were behind you, she will always know where they are and shoot them down, and that was enjoyable.

The fighting in the game was interesting at best. To be in an arena and in a fight between you and at least 70 enemies, you think that is unfair, but by the middle of the game, it is just child’s play. Arena’s are where enemies come out of “spawns”, and your goal is to destroy all the spawns and enemies in your area, with of course, not dying. Only way to do it, depending on your situation, is by a mix of acrobatic and sheer bliss of fire power. If you don’t know how to manage both you will lose. As you venture further in the game, like most shoot-em-up types, the enemies will get stronger physically, making it harder to kill them with just a few bullets. Tis a good thing they have upgrades for your guns and acrobatic combos. You get points depending on your combos, how many enemies you kill simultaneously and how you kill them. A good idea is to always change up the combo once in awhile.

The graphics, especially for the PS3, was not what I expected. I thought at least for Ps3 the graphics were going to be better than the 360, but I am still wrong; they were equally nasty. It was kind of mediocre, but the way the game was visually viewed, the old ‘western type movie view’, it made up for what was going to be just horrible to look at. It reminded me of watching the old movie reels of the 1940’s and 50’s. On top of that the voice overs did not match up with the lip syncing. But Bethesda made up for that again by bringing in an all star cast of voice actors, like Eliza Dushku, from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the game Saints Row 2. There’s also  Malcolm McDowell, the actor who helped destroy the Halloween movies by Rob Zombie, but I still love him.

By far the most enjoyable thing in the game was Ruby’s Rage mode,a few times in the game where she just gets really pissed than she usually is, and just goes on a fury, killing everything in her path. The screen colors are red, because everything has to be “wet”, and the enemies are lit up in black and white, so you could tell easily how evil the enemies are, before they are eradicated off the face of this earth. Seriously, once you kill them, they dissipate! Other than that, if you were venturing around in story mode or you have beaten the game already, you could collect all the monkey toys for achievements or trophies. Some are really hard to find, but you know you are near one if you hear them clanking their symbols, and lord almighty I wanted to find them a.s.a.p. because after searching them for awhile those symbols get really annoying. You could also go to time trial mode, where you can go back to the Boneyard, which is Ruby’s fantasy getaway, and go through a series of aerobic and shooting tests. The faster you make through each one, the better chance you have to achieve gold  and earn more achievements or trophies.

Overall, if you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino, and you love shooting people, and love shooting lots of people, and you love Malcolm McDowell, then this game is for you. Sure the graphics were not as good as I expected, but the style Bethesda was going for really made up for it. I just know that after playing this game, to never cross a woman like Ruby, because she would kick my ass in a heartbeat. She’s relentless…and I hope to marry her someday. 4 stars out of 5, and I’m out.

  • Title: WET
  • Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360
  • Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement (DS)
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Release Date: 9/15/2009
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