Wonderfest 11: Alter’s Making The Best Aigis Figure I’ve Ever Seen

on July 24, 2011 5:30 PM

I can’t express how elated I was to see this. Sure, there are many, many Aigis figs out there already, but this one’s just so gorgeous. Toy maker Alter is behind this one, and it’s done in the form of Shigenori Soejima’s cover for his Artworks 2004-2010 collection. (He’s the dude who did the artwork, character sprites, etc. for Persona 3 and 4, in case you weren’t aware.) A reference pic can be found here. They’ve done a beautiful job of translating that piece to a three-dimensional form.

Honestly, of all of the stuff at this year’s Wonderfest, nothing excites me more than this.

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