What are Morbius the Living Vampire's Powers and Abilities?

We've seen the fangs, but what about the vampire's powers?

November 2, 2021

Hopefully by now, Marvel fans will have been able to feast their eyes on the second trailer for Morbius and we’re keen to find out more about the vampire’s powers and abilities whilst taking you along for the ride as well.

Morbius’ origin film will be helmed by Daniel Espinosa and will follow scientist Michael Morbius’ journey to find the cure for a rare blood disease that he suffers from. Ironically, a dangerous but possibly effective cure has some major vampiric side effects for the character that eventually transforms him into one of Spider-Man’s greatest comic book villains.

MORBIUS | Official Trailer

MORBIUS | Official Trailer

Powers and Abilities

Before he turned into the undead, Michael was blessed with a genius intelligence that somewhat carried through into his vampire state.

As a vampire, he has a variety of abilities that give him a great advantage over many foes, including the usual suspects made up of superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and heightened senses.

Additionally, Morbius has an accelerated healing ability, like most vampires, and extremely sharp and dangerous fangs and claws.

Some powers that are more niche to the character include pseudo-vampirism – a vampire-like state that is not akin to true vampires, even though he has the ability to change humans by draining their blood.

A more unique ability is the vampire’s penchant for hypnotizing his prey and he is also immune to classic weapons such as stakes or religious items.

The live-action trailer also hints at the character’s night vision and transvection abilities, as well as echolocation.


The great thing about all superheroes and villains is the fact that they have characteristic weaknesses as well as eye-widening superpowers.

Morbius has two, classic weaknesses known to most vampire fans: Hunger and sunlight.

The case with most vampires is their inability to function at their heightened rate without being fed blood – normally from a human. If Morbius fails to feed, then his aforementioned abilities slow or shut down. His manic hunger would also cloud his perception and judgment once the desire to feed got too great.

Sunlight is another of the vampire’s vulnerabilities. Even though the white-hot heat cannot kill him, the rays have the ability to visually impair him and his skin is highly sensitive to the light as well.

Morbius is scheduled to release on January 28, 2022.

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