What Are the Best Offensive Playbooks in Madden 22?

Time to learn more offense tricks!

By Mehrdad Khayyat

August 17, 2021

So, what are your best offensive Playbooks in Madden 22 so far? We have prepared a new list of meta Playbooks for you.

When it comes to Football, Playbooks are everything. Your Playbook will determine your level of creativity on the field. If you have enough good formations for each type of play, then you will have the chance to come out victorious at the end.

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As a result, it’s very important to keep your eyes open to each team’s playbooks before starting your career. You should know your team’s capabilities, find the best play type for it, and then choose the formation that could bring you success.

Below, we have selected the best offensive playbooks for each one of the play types in Madden 22.

Madden 22 | All Access Recap

Madden 22 | All Access Recap

Best Offensive Playbooks in Madden 22

Las Vegas Raiders – Best for Running

Three times champions of the NFL, Las Vegas Raiders might not be a powerful team based on the player statistics, but they do have one of the best offensive Playbooks in Madden 22.

If you need a load of varied Run formations, the Las Vegas Raiders’ playbook will satisfy you with some really strong formations to get past the defensive line. The team’s Playbook also features a new set of Split Twins formations under the Gun section that would surprise your opponents.

Baltimore Ravens – Best for Mobile QB

Lamar Jackson is probably one of the best Quarter Backs in the National Football League in the US with incredible abilities for running with the ball.

So, it’s pretty obvious that the best Playbook for a play based on a Mobile QB belongs to Ravens. The Pistol section in Ravens’ Playbook is the best among any other playbooks with some great formations for a QB Run.

If you want to surprise your opponents in the offense, then Ravens’ Playbooks should be the best choice for you.

Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs – Best for Passing

If you are looking for the best Gun formations, you should pick either the Playbook for Seattle Seahawks or Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams have the most varied formations in the Gun section with some new additions like Bunch Y Flex for Chiefs.

Also, the best Bunch TE formations are available in the Playbooks of these two teams. If you are looking for the best Pass options, just go ahead with one of these two.

What is the Meta Formation in Madden 22?

It really depends on your team’s capabilities and your own playstyle, but similar to the previous Madden titles, the Bunch formation will probably help you out with most of the situations on the pitch in Madden 22.

As mentioned above, this year there are a few new Bunch formations that you may want to try out such as Bunch Y Flex in Gun. Also, Bunch TE is a pretty rare formation that is not available in the Playbooks of many teams.

Madden 22 is now available through Early Access on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. You need to pre-order the Deluxe or Dynasty edition to get the Early Access pass.

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