Pokemon GO: What are the Chances of Getting a Shiny Rayquaza? Odds Explained

Here are your odds of finding a shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon GO.

By Sam Woods

March 27, 2021

Rayquaza is arguably one of the coolest legendary Pokemon in the whole of the game’s history.

The flying green serpent has a look unlike any other, and is also incredibly powerful, which makes him very sought after.

Its shiny form is even better. Instead of the luminous green players are used to, Rayquaza turns an awesome shade of black, making him even more ominous.

This weekend, players have got the chance to raid plenty of Rayquaza in Pokemon GO, thanks to a special raid weekend – but what are the chances of getting a shiny Rayquaza in the game? Let’s take a look:

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What are the shiny odds in the game?

The rates of encountering a shiny within Pokemon GO differ substantially. More often than not, players can expect odds of 1/500 when checking for shiny Pokemon.

However, this isn’t always sound logic. Some Pokemon have shiny odds of 1/125 and some 1/62. That’s not taking into account events that can yield odds of up to one in 10!

What are the Chances of Getting a Shiny Rayquaza?

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Thankfully for players, Rayquaza’s shiny odds are far better than the standard one in 500.

Because it is a legendary Pokemon found in raids, players can expect odds of 1/20. Meaning, theoretically, for every 20 Rayquaza encountered, players should expect one shiny.

Beware though, it doesn’t always work like that and shiny hunting is down to luck.

Some players may be lucky and encounter a shiny version on their first attempt, others may take 30+. It’s just a case of keep going until you find one, as nothing else can increase your chances.

Best of luck if you’re out there hunting for this awesome shiny!

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