What Are Xbox Game Studios Project Cobalt and Project Indus?

By Faris Ruhi

September 17, 2021

New details have emerged regarding Xbox Game Studios Project Cobalt and Project Indus, titles that were spotted in the GeForce Now database leak.

A few days ago, a massive database leak from Nvidia’s game streaming service, GeForce Now, occurred and seemed to have revealed a number of unannounced game projects. Some of these involved expected but yet to be announced sequels like Gears 6, games being brought to other platforms like a God of War PC port, or some dream projects like a Final Fantasy IX Remake.

Giving people some hope and disappointment at the same time, Nvidia has since come out and confirmed via wccftech that the leak contained real and ‘speculative titles.’ Now, Windows Central has shed some light on a few Xbox-related projects listed in the leak that they had knowledge about.

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer

DEATHLOOP | Official PS5™ Next-Gen Immersion Trailer

What is Known

There are actually projects with codenames listed in the leak that we have already been shown. Project Typhoon is the open-world co-op heist game Contraband, developed by Avalanche Studios and Project Holland is Playground Games’ Fable. Forza Horizon 5 also makes an appearance on the list with the codename of Project Woodstock.

Project Cobalt

This is the codename for the game being worked on by inXile Entertainment, developers of Wasteland 3 and it’s supposedly an FPS RPG as teased by the studio themselves. The game will be in a “Steampunk-style, inspired by Industrial Revolution-inspired tech. Expect steam engines, zeppelins, retro-futuristic robots, dark Victorian-era streets, and more.” according to Jez Corden of Windows Central.

Project Indus

Project Indus is the codename for a 4X strategy game being developed by Oxide Games, creators of Ashes of the Singularity. While specific details about the setting and aesthetic are not known, Jez notes that “the gameplay sounds very similar to what you experience in Civilization, with turn-based strategic elements alongside city building, empire advancement, espionage, diplomacy, warfare, and so on.”

He then continued “I wouldn’t be surprised if Project Indus is heavily designed with cloud platforms” in mind. Indeed it would not be surprising with Microsoft’s focus on the cloud, and Oxide Games joining forces with AMD last year to advance cloud gaming graphics.

Microsoft has a large number of announced games for the coming years slated for Xbox and PC, covering a variety of genres. Project Cobalt and Project Indus seem to be playing their part in that. We are looking forward to seeing them being revealed in an official capacity, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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