What Does Microsoft's Acquisition Of Activision Mean For PlayStation?


Will Sony come out swinging following today's news?

January 18, 2022

The gaming world is still in shock following the recent announcement of Activision Blizzard’s acquisition by Microsoft. Although the deal won’t be finalized until 2023, it certainly raises a lot of questions. Most importantly, what does this mean for the PlayStation community?

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, has already confirmed that they plan on continuing to make Activision Blizzard games available for PlayStation consoles, as well as creating content exclusively for Xbox. So, does Sony need to retaliate with their own acquisition, or do we all just pretend as though nothing happened?

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What Does The Activision Blizzard Acquisition Mean For PlayStation?

When Microsoft purchased ZeniMax Media, the owner of Bethesda Softworks, back in 2021 for a massive $7.5 billion, it didn’t take long for Sony to announce that they had acquired Fabrik Games and Bluepoint Games.

Of course, the acquisitions were likely in the works long before Microsoft announced their purchase of ZeniMax, but it does make us wonder if Sony also has plans to purchase other developers in the near future.

Sony could come out swinging and purchase a publisher such as Rockstar Games, but would it really be worthwhile? As mentioned previously, Microsoft doesn’t have any intention to steal titles away from the PlayStation community, as a representative for Microsoft has already clarified by saying that:

“Activision Blizzard games exist on a variety of platforms today, and we plan to continue supporting those communities moving forward. The acquisition is about increasing the availability of Activision Blizzard content across more platforms, including mobile”.

The acquisition is of course going to create more competition for PlayStation, as more and more titles will be added to the ever-growing Xbox Game Pass service. But there are rumours circulating that PlayStation is in the works of creating their own Game Pass-style service, which will likely be announced in the coming weeks or months.

In reality, the only thing fans can expect to see change is a lot of Activision Blizzard titles joining Xbox Game Pass as well as the Call of Duty and PlayStation marketing deal to likely come to an end. This means the small perks such as PlayStation having one-year exclusivity on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) survival mode will no longer exist, amongst other things.

Before Call of Duty and PlayStation struck up a partnership in 2014, Activision’s popular FPS series had an exclusive deal with Microsoft. Back in the days of Call of Duty map packs, Xbox users were able to purchase the new DLC one month before PlayStation users. Other than these sorts of deals, we don’t expect massive titles such as Call of Duty to be turned into Xbox exclusives.

As noted by CharlieINTEL on Twitter, Microsoft would lose a substantial amount of profit should they remove Call of Duty from PlayStation consoles. Year after year Call of Duty has remained the best selling PlayStation title of the year, this would be a lot of money for Microsoft to turn away.

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If you’re a die-hard PlayStation fan, you shouldn’t be worried about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Not only does the deal not go through for another year, but Phil Spencer and the Microsoft team seems dedicated to keeping the gaming community as a whole happy, regardless of which platform you play on.

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