Rockstar Will Continue To Focus On Single-Player Games – What Does This Mean For GTA 6: Online?

Rockstar Will Continue To Focus On Single-Player Games – What Does This Mean For GTA 6: Online?

GTA 6: Online, in whatever format it comes, is likely to be a huge part of Rockstar's plans going forward.

After a recent earnings conference call at Take-Two Interactive, CEO Strauss Zelnick discussed the focus on single-player experiences at Rockstar Games, stating that they wish to continue the success of Grand Theft Auto V as the game has a “powerful single-player”.

In recent times, Rockstar has become well known for focusing more on online content than single-player content. Could that be about to change with the possible release of GTA 6? And what does it mean for GTA 6: Online, if Rockstar is to be focusing on more single-player experiences. Back in 2020, there were even talks that Bully 2 was cancelled to focus on content for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 6. Therefore, it can only be assumed that Rockstar and Take-Two would rather focus on the online elements of these games, as opposed to a single-player driven game such as Bully 2.

Could Grand Theft Auto 6 Become More Single-Player Focused?

Although Grand Theft Auto 5 had a fantastic single-player campaign, any extra content was non-existent compared to its online counterpart. With every update for GTA: Online fans were left wondering if the singe-player would ever get the love it deserved.

During the earnings call, regarding talks of single-player games dying out Zelnick said:

“We didn’t believe that, I said specifically and publicly that we didn’t believe that, our labels don’t believe that”

(Thank you to GamesRadar for the transcript)

It’s clear that Take-Two strongly believes single-player games are here to stay. If this enthusiasm for story-driven experiences is to be believed, this could mean GTA 6 receives the story content that GTA 5 never got.

What Does This Mean For GTA 6: Online?

Although Rockstar was once known for making riveting single-player games, with powerful story experiences in every game. The developers are now known for their ever-expanding online experiences, not only in Grand Theft Auto but Red Dead Redemption too.

GTA: Online has been a huge success for Rockstar and Take-Two, according to PlayerCounterGrand Theft Auto 5 still sits around 130,000 players. After 2020 was Grand Theft Auto 5’s most successful year since its launch in 2013, it’s unlikely that Rockstar doesn’t support GTA 6: Online in the same way.

Since Grand Theft Auto 5 launched in 2013, the online mode has been kept as a separate entity. This could mean that with the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA: Online could simply receive a large expansion.

If Rockstar Games and Take-Two are looking to take a larger focus on single-player games, it’s unlikely that GTA 6 receives its own separate online mode.

When Will GTA 6 Release?

Rockstar has been extremely tight-lipped on the next instalment in the series, so no official date has been set yet. Although a recent job listing revealed a trailer for GTA 6 could be coming soon.