What Does Your Gamertag Mean?

Gamertag, a word that means alot in the gaming world. For many of us it means an identity. Whether your on Xbox Live, the Playstation Network, etc. it is who we as gamers are. It can be your name, favorite character, hero, or what have you. It can be a very hard decision and you may go through many different titles until you settle on the one that fits you.

So what makes for a great gamertag you ask? Originality counts for alot. I mean who wants to go by something plain and boring? Why be Jones123 when you can be KillEmAll? If you are like me and you play alot of online multiplayer, then you definitely see some colorful names. 12 year olds going by InfiniteKiller is kind of scary to say the least, but it’s just a name right?

So what’s your gamertag and it’s meaning? We here at DualShockers want to know what’s the meaning behind your gamertag! Is it a childhood nickname, your favorite character’s name, or were you just bored and decided to just put whatever came to mind? We have online events all the time, and if your gamertag sticks out, then you just might be lucky enough to get your game on with us! And you may ask, what is your gamertag and it’s meaning? Well, my gamertag is Str8fe, meaning I like to spread the lead love on my favorite shooter! You game?

Josh Wright

Josh resides in VA and enjoys spending time with his wife Lena, two wonderful kids Peyton and Bailey, and their puppy Marley. He moonlights as an Xbox Ambassador and someday hopes to rule the galaxy. Favorite Games: Mega Man, Tecmo Bowl, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

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