What Exactly Is Jim Sterling Reviewing? Not Much Apparently

March 17, 2010

As many of you may have seen, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling wrote a less than stellar review for Final Fantasy XIII (4/10). One of his tweets read:

Jim_Sterling: I am officially done with Final Fantasy XIII. That last chapter is an egregious mess of bulls***.

Sterling wrote all over twitter about how bad the game was; he is entitled to his opinion, however,  because at the end of the day that’s what a review essentially is. That opinion may have quite possibly been tainted, especially considering he never finished the game -and we have proof to show it. Please enjoy exhibit A below.

Did someone forget to do something?

Now, not all games have an actual ending to them. But a game like Final Fantasy – which is based so heavily on story – simply cannot be reviewed unless it’s completed. If you think that’s bad, it doesn’t end there folks. Upon further investigation there are many more questionable reviews that are now popping up.

Now, one can look at this and say “Wait a minute. Maybe he didn’t sync his trophies!” While you may be correct on behalf of the Final Fantasy review, how about explaining what happened to, oh I dunno, maybe his review of Army of Two: the 40th day. I’m pretty sure he’s done a trophy sync since the release of that game. And, wouldn’t you know it, coincidently he has a review up for the title.

Still don’t believe it? Have a look at his trophies for yourself. You be the judge. http://us.playstation.com/publictrophy/index.htm?onlinename=jim_sterling

Now, as far as actually playing Army of Two, I gave him the benefit of the doubt assuming that it could have been played on the 360, but alas, no proof of that in the image below (considering press copies arrived on or a couple of days before release date).

Someone put out an A.P.B. we've got a missing game on the loose!

If you want to see where this image came from you can check it out here:


We invite Jim Sterling to defend himself and the integrity of his reviews during the next DualShockers ShockCast. Let’s see if he shows.

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